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Good and Proper tea

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Delicious teas from our supplier, we stock both teabags (compostable) and loose leaf.

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English Breakfast:

This Kenya-based, black tea combines the rich, full body for which Kenya teas are so well known, with malty Assam and the more fragrant notes of Ceylon. the result is a robust, golden cup. Perfect with a dash of milk. 

origin: India, Kenya, Sri Lanka

Earl Grey:

The natural pine notes of this particular Ceylon tea, combined with the intense, citrus flavour of Italian bergamot oil, strike a perfect balance between body and aroma. Delicious with or without milk, or even with a slice of lemon.  

origin: Uva, Sri Lanka (Ceylon) & Italy (Bergamot oil)

Jade Tips (green):

Grown high in the Bai Yun or "White Cloud" mountains, these dark, wiry leaves produce a bright, pale green liquor. With a clean, vegetal flavour and lingering almond sweetness this is a deliciously refreshing, every day green tea.  Re-infuse up to 3 times. 

 origin: Bai Yun mountains, Hunnan, China