Girls who Grind

BEANS - Boza Sisters, El Salvador, Washed


Shade grown, Rainforest Alliance certified 

This coffee is the WASHED version. Creamy, fudgey chocolate notes with controlled apple-acidity. Delicious and ever-drinkable. 

The Boza sisters of Finca San Antonio Amatepec are ambitious change-makers carving a path for themselves and the next generation. 

Their farm was run solely by their father since the 1970s but over time he has broken with tradition and allowed the three sisters: Alexandra, Daniella and Karia to become more involved with the farm and its coffee production.

The sisters have overseen the farm being certified by the Rainforest Alliance, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable coffee practices. 

Girls who Grind have been working with these sisters and this farm to bring female produced coffee to us all for a number of years. Check out this video they made showing their farm here 

250g bag.
Whole beans. 

If you require the beans to be ground then please leave us a note at the checkout (and tell us what you brew on).

Roaster: Girls who Grind 
Coffee: Bourbon, washed
Origin: Finca San Antonio, Amatepec, San Salvador
Flavour profile: chocolate nut fudge bar, red apple, smooth.