We happily offer general coffee advice at any time, and run monthly cuppings (free)...

For more in depth + bespoke training why not book a private workshop?
We run workshops after hours in hand brewing, basic espresso skills or basic latte art.
Sessions are by appointment, cost £40 +vat per person, and need a minimum of 2 people to run (maximum of 4).

For bespoke corporate training please contact us. 


A hands on session which explores brewing techniques such as French Press, V60 Pourover and Aeropress.

We will explore:

  • choosing the right coffee to suit different brewing methods;
  • how grind size, water volume + pouring technique affects flavour
  • how to brew using a V60, Aeropress + French Press.

This workshop is suitable for anyone looking to start, or improve, their home brewing technique. 

We can tailor this to suit your own personal favourite brewing method. 



A hands on session which explores how to correctly pour a good shot of espresso. 

We will explore:

  • how to use a grinder, grind size and how this affects espresso pour
  • extraction time + the difference between over and under extraction.
  • what to look for in a perfect espresso shot

This workshop is for anyone wanting to improve their home espresso brewing. 

*Milk will be discussed but we recommend our latte art workshop for more in depth advice.

latte art (3).jpg


A hands on session exploring the science and techinque behind latte art.

We will explore:

  • the science behind milk 
  • how to stretch milk correctly for different drinks
  • how to pour hearts, tulips + rosettas 

This workshop is for anyone wanting to improve their latte art.

To get the most out of this workshop we recommend you already have some experience of stretching milk.