fresh prince reworked for southsea coffee

”In Sunny Southsea born and raised
On the Common where I spent most of my days
Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool
And drinking some tea before the kids finish school
When a couple of guys, they were rather quite good
Started making coffee in my neighbourhood
I got one flat white and my tastebuds said “YEAH!”
And said “You’re moving in here you can live under the stairs”

I whistled for a cake and when it came near the
plate said “fresh” and had an aroma so fair,
If anything I could say that this cake was rare
But I thought nah, forget it, yo homes I won’t share!

I had an espresso, about seven or eight
And I yelled to the barista “Yo, homes smell you later!”
Looked at my kingdom I was finally there
drinking more coffee and walkin’ on Air.”

Today we ran a rhyme comp to win one of our collaboration T-Shirts… 

Mike Anthony Jackson came up with this reworking of Fresh Prince…