eat this: tostada con Tomate.

You may have noticed it on the menu, it may even be your go-to lunch when you visit us but the Tostada con Tomate isn’t all it seems.

 The tostada con tomate is made from the pulp of the tomatoes, seasoned with salt and extra virgin olive oil then smothered on toasted bread. Sounds simple but tastes so good and which is why it’s seen as the epitome of the Mediterranean diet, simple but delicious! Our love affair with the classic Tostada began in 2014 after our Faith was having withdrawal symptoms. Having lived in Spain for most of her life she grew up on the traditional, tomato-y goodness and we get why she missed it!    

 But where and when did Spain’s love affair with the Tostada begin? Well, depending on who you ask and where you are, there are different stories as to the origins of the tostada – it can be a controversial subject!

 The ancestral origin of the Tostada can be dated back to Ancient Greece where they would put olive oil on to dry bread in order to make it easier to digest. However, it was the arrival of the tomato in Spain from America, in the 16th century, that made it possible for this perfect combination to come to life. Farmers and peasants began to spread tomato, as well as olive oil, on their dry bread and Spain has never looked back.

 According to Néstor Luján, the Spanish journalist and gastronome, the first written record of the tostada was from Cataluña in 1884 and interestingly, he denies the popular myth that the Murcian migration had anything to do with the invention of the dish.

 Nowadays you can’t go anywhere in Spain without finding tostada con tomate or pa amb tomata or tostá con tomate…how can one thing have so many names?! In Cataluña, it’s known as pamb tomáquet and is part of the national heritage. To be honest, we can see why - our Tostada is part of the Southsea Coffee heritage.

Just in case you're wondering, our Tostada is served all day and can be served with any extras! But if you're feeling particularly Spanish or you've got those pesty holiday blues, we suggest treating your tastebuds to a classic Tostada and Cortado! 

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(On that note, I'm off for some of that tomato-y goodness!)