Cold brew: a short guide.

As much as we LOVE coffee all year round, there is something particularly exciting about the impending coffees coming into season and the brewing possibilities that come with the heat turning up..

We're lining up our signature drinks for when iced coffee season really gets into its swing but no need to wait until the summer is here to begin your iced coffee hit.

Here's our guide to our current menu:

cold brew

cold brew isn't the same as iced coffee. It is never heated, simply brewed overnight in water and filtered for a smooth finish. Cold extraction brings out the natural sweetness of the coffee whilst minimizing the acidity or perceived bitter notes. No need for sugar or sweeteners. 

cold brew concentrate
this is bottle of cold brew - non diluted and perfect for sipping in house poured over ice. 
take a bottle home and use as a base for cold brew + milk or as we like it, mixed with rum. 

cold brew + milk
cold brew concentrate used as a base for iced flat white or latte. in or out.
choose from creamy organic cows milk, homemade almond mylk or creamy oat milk.

japanese iced method  

this method produces a brighter, clearer and more vibrant cup than cold brew. 
we brew coffees chosen for their particular bright and clean notes and then brew them hot to release all the aromatics and flavours. The coffee drips directly onto ice, immediately cooling the brew and locking in that flavour.

Japanese iced method is light, delicious and always served black.