6th Jan – Coffee Cupping

We are beginning 2016 with a Cupping that looks at how coffee is processed, and how this affects the final cup. Cupping is a method that is used to observe and compare the qualities, tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. It is a professional technique, but can be practiced by anyone who would like to understand more about different coffees.

Our sessions are free to attend and guided by members of the team. Although we vary the coffees at each Cupping in order to consider different elements, we follow a similar process each time. The ground coffee is immersed in water initially, and we smell the grounds to begin to identify aromas. The grounds rise to the top, forming a crust, which we then break and smell, before using a spoon to taste and compare the different coffees.

During this Cupping we will be blind-tasting a naturally processed coffee from South America, a black honey processed coffee from Central America and a washed coffee from Africa. If you would like to come along on Wednesday evening please sign up to let us know you’ll be there. If you can’t make this one but are keen to attend a future Cupping at Southsea Coffee why not subscribe to our mailing list so we can keep you updated of future events?