public cupping session

5 different coffees. ONE FARM.
Finca Santa Petrona in El Salvador.

This Wednesday we will be tasting :
a Pacamara processed two different ways
and a Red Bourbon processed three different ways.

This is the perfect opportunity to gain an understanding of how process and varietal can affect the flavour of your coffee.

Our Darrell will be guiding you through the process of cupping coffee; it will be lots of fun and you will taste some DELICIOUS coffees.

No experience necessary, just a love for coffee.

The story of the farm

Santa Petrona is located on the Ilamatepeque Volcano in the Western Part of the Santa Ana District in El Salvador. It's at an altitude of 1,450 meters above sea level.

The farm was founded by the Pacas Diaz Family in 1927, and is now in its 6th generation.

The farm is spread over 17.67 hectares of land - with varietals of Red Bourbon (80%), Pacas (15%), and Pacamara (5%).

Our roasters, Has Bean, work closely with their farms to develop the coffees... and asked if the farm would experiment with a few different processes. They said yes and over the last few years have produced wider and wider ranges of coffee.

This year they have grown Red Bourbon and processed it 3 ways: washed, pulped natural AND natural. We also have a Pacamara processed in 2 ways: washed and natural. These are the coffees we will be tasting tomorrow.

This cupping is a real chance to see firsthand how these processes affect the final coffees and to learn more about the farm, varietals and process.