the shop that we built

Two years after signing the lease on 63 Osborne Road, we have a real life coffee shop... here is the story of how we built it.

Our story began when we started drinking real coffee at home. Over time we had increased our palettes from instant, to beans, to fresh roasted beans and our journey had begun.

One day we had an epiphany. We had bought some coffee from hasbean roasters. It was from a small group of growers in Oporapa, Colombia and was insanely delicious - there was no going back. We suddenly found we could no longer buy the style coffee we wanted to drink in our home city.

As we began to research like crazy, retrain and drink a LOT of coffee, we ploughed all our energy into our vision of what a coffee shop should be.

We wanted to bring real fresh roasted coffee to our city, share the coffees that excite us and make tasty food. Oh, and it had to be community based. 

14 months of very late nights later and we had the keys to a shop. 

This is where the HARD GRAFT started, which saw us (with a little help from our friends) spend 3 months transforming the shop into our vision. 

It was an old fashioned shop fit. We stripped back the layers and the years; uncovering original tongue + groove cladding on the walls, restoring the ceiling to its former glorious height and bringing back the floor to its original beautiful wooden boards. 

We pulled down walls that were not needed and put up ones we did. Plastered and built the bar.

Bit by bit we created our shop, always under the watchful eye of our son.

Furniture was built, we designed our own paint and eventually, installed the coffee machine.

After 3 months we had done it.

We had our coffee shop. 

Nervously we opened our doors and welcomed in our community. Since those days a lot has changed and also not much. Our art wall project has grown beyond anything we could imagine, our food has developed into something that excites us every day and our coffee knowledge and experience grows. We have a wonderful team of people that work with us, and most importantly - we have gotten to know and love our community and everyone who visits us. We are still on our journey and this shop will always reflect that. 

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