our mural wall

“We wanted to create a shop which was intrinsically linked with its community, to provide a place where people could meet, share ideas and collaborate.
coffee shops draw free thinkers and creatives and we have been fortunate enough to find a regular hub of writers and artists using our shop and sharing their ideas and thoughts with us and each other.
We feel that it is part of our role to provide a welcoming space in which poeple can come togther - in essence this is our shop.

Our art wall project is focused on bringing out what is already hidden - local artists have been invited without bias to paint a mural of their choice onto a wall in the shop. This is documented then painted over ready for the next piece.
The idea is to present artists to a new audience in an unexpected location - creating a transient piece which by its very nature is a talking point and can promote local art in a positive manner.”

We are immensely proud to be from Portsmouth and to be surrounded by a huge collective of creative talent. Our art wall project aims to showcase the diverse talent of local illustrators, street artists and fine artists to a new audience. 

We hand the wall in our snug over to a new artist every 6-8 weeks. The only brief is to create a piece that showcases THEIR style. Each piece is being documented by the wonderful Jack Daly (who also shoots all of our photography) and the end result will be a body of works that we intend to publish as a showcase of Portsmouth art. 

artists so far

ami lowman


stu linfield

caleigh ill

max pringle

my dog sighs + midge (collab)