Coffee Cupping

You'll often hear us talking about coffees that we have "tasted on the cupping table" or that we were "looking forward to cupping" and you may be wondering... 

...what is cupping?

In short, cupping is a method that we use to brew and taste coffees professionally.  

If you attend one of OUR cuppings here is a rough guide on what you can expect: 

  • We immerse ground coffee in water for around 4 minutes. During this time we smell the wet grounds to try and identify any aromas present within the coffee. 
  • The grounds rise to the top of the cupping bowl forming a crust, which we break and then smell and check for anything pleasant (or unpleasant) in the coffee.
  • After we have removed most of the grounds from the bowl we begin tasting by slurping coffee from a spoon. Slurping is both essential and fun! By slurping we pass air over the coffee which makes the aromatics more volatile allowing our olfactory receptor to identify tastes and aromas.
  • It is important to write down what you're tasting and smelling  and remember, there are no wrong answers. When it comes to tasting, if you perceive a flavour to be present then the flavour IS present. For example; if you think your coffee tastes like warm Weetabix then it probably does. 

The cuppings that we run are guided, in other words we help you identify flavours present in the cup and then we lead an informal discussion around how the coffee tastes and also information about the coffees tasted.