together in solitude exhibition + a little film

As you may have guessed we are pretty excited about the collaborative exhibition which launches tomorrow between two amazing local artists - Midge and MyDogSighs - we even lent them our snug wall for a teaser mural!!! (obviously we were really chuffed to have a piece from them on it!)

You may not know that our relationship with Midge has grown with the shop. She painted the second mural wall for us; which started a relationship which we deeply value. Following on from the wall she has used our basement as a mock studio, and over time has become part of our lives and the shop, and really is one of our extended family.

At the beginning of the summer we were asked to be involved in the pilot 'City Island Stories' project which featured businesses over the city and their stories, filmed by groups of first year students. Martyn and Midge told our story (I am waaaaayyy too shy) and when we saw the video the things that Midge said literally made me cry.

We are so stoked to see her collaborate with MyDog and know that the finished pieces are gonna wow everyone. We'll be there serving up some mini smashed avos tomorrow evening and showing our support for her and MyDog as they have for us.

And here it is. The video in full.

and here is the CITY ISLAND STORIES website